Here's what we've got from the year 2013
Jewelry at Flea Market SEP 16, 2013 You can find some of the most unique items at flea markets.  Jewelry is the most custom item you will find.  Flea markets all over the united states carry jewelry from watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and much more.... [READ MORE] Flea Market Electronics SEP 13, 2013 Electronics are one of the most commonly sold items at flea markets.  Most of the time vendors can buy the items in bulk which allows them to discount the price substantially.  Some of the top electronics are tv's, stereo's,... [READ MORE] Flea Market Items SEP 12, 2013 One of the funniest things about attending a flea market or swap meet is the items you will find.  If your a collector, antiquer or just love finding that rare item flea markets are for you.  Over the past few years i have... [READ MORE] How to know an item is a collectiable SEP 11, 2013 When your out spending your weekends go threw all the items at local flea markets how do you know if an item is a collectible?   There is multiple ways to find out if the item is rare.  It will come down to doing some homework... [READ MORE] Most Looked for Items? SEP 9, 2013 Out of electronics, jewelry, clothing, shoes, handbags and antiques.  What are the most looked for items at flea markets or swap meets near you.   Flea markets near me carry a lot of jewelry and clothing.  Everything is 100%... [READ MORE] Flea Marketing Online SEP 7, 2013 So one of the best ways to find flea market items is directly online.  Some of the best flea market finds have been made by not even leaving your house.  Lots of people are used to having to visit the top flea markets in the USA... [READ MORE] Top States for Flea Market SEP 5, 2013      So people that are new to flea markets and swap meets always ask me if its worth traveling to another state to visit a flea market.  My answer has always been yes.  Believe it or not but some people and cities... [READ MORE] Its Gonna Be a Great Weekend AUG 23, 2013 ... [READ MORE] Top Flea Market Items and Brands AUG 13, 2013 TOP FLEA MARKET ITEMS AND BRANDS This has been a question I get asked a lot.  What items can I find at flea market?  What brand can I find?  And the answer is it can very.  Depending on your state may depend on... [READ MORE] Frequent Asked Questions JUN 18, 2013 Frequent Asked Questions on Q. Why is there a swap meet or flea market showing active when it has been open for sometime?A. The majority of the information inputted on Swap Madness is by visitors of the... [READ MORE]