Flea Market Electronics

SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 - by SwapMadness.com

Electronics are one of the most commonly sold items at flea markets.  Most of the time vendors can buy the items in bulk which allows them to discount the price substantially.  Some of the top electronics are tv's, stereo's, jukebox, microwaves, camcorders, dvd players, tablets, ipads, iphones, ipods, kitchen appliances and more.  You can find some really great deals on these items.  The only thing to be careful of, is making sure the item is authentic.  Even though electronics are some of the most commonly sold items there also the most counterfeited.  Very with the manufacturer that the country it was built in matches the item in your hand.  Also look at the quality lots of times just verifying the functions will prove the item is a fake.  I have included some pictures of counterfeit electronic items.  





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