Top States for Flea Market

SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 - by
     So people that are new to flea markets and swap meets always ask me if its worth traveling to another state to visit a flea market.  My answer has always been yes.  Believe it or not but some people and cities have never heard of flea markets and swap meets.  For example the southern states like Louisiana and Alabama every weekend you will find flea markets and annual swap meets.  Yet if you go to South Dakota or Wyoming you will have a hard time find markets every weekend.  Those states usually will have annual markets that might just be once a year or once a month.  Not just that you usually will have to travel to a big city in Wyoming to attend the market.  So my suggestion has always been do research before you go.  See how many markets each state has and what type of products they carry as well.  The southern states have always been the best states for markets and flea market finds depending what our trying to find.  For example a New Jersey flea market normally wont carry antiques vs a Alabama market which will.  So also check out the market and surrounding markets to see how well the state does.  

And be sure to visit to do your checking. 



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