How to know an item is a collectiable

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 - by
When your out spending your weekends go threw all the items at local flea markets how do you know if an item is a collectible?  

There is multiple ways to find out if the item is rare.  It will come down to doing some homework before and during your search.  Meaning if there is a certain flea market item your after research how to know its authentic and real.  You can do this by looking online at previously bought items.  Now a days the internet is our best friend when it comes to research.  It doesn't matter if its an antique, art piece or jewelry.   If your a true collector you need to do your homework.  I always suggest if you have an iPad take it with you so you can do some checking before you purchase the item or trade.  I also know a lot of people like to do online swap meets.  If you do purchase or trade for items online make sure its authentic.  Collector items such as NBA gear, singer gear, and other items with signatures should have been authenticated before you purchase it at high dollar.  You can always take a risk if your OK not knowing if the item is real.  There are flea market guides really everywhere that can help you research flea markets and the items they have sold before.  Flea market merchandise can vary and the easiest way to be sure your getting what you want is to ask questions and do research and if you do these two things you will have a great chance finding that rare item for a steal of a price.



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