Swap Meets and Flea Markets in maine

Maine's Featured Flea Market is Portland Flea for All

The Portland Flea-for-All is a vintage, antique and artisan marketplace located in the heart of Portland’s Bay side neighborhood.  With a rotating cast of vendors, everything from antique furniture to vintage clothing to handmade jewelry to classic vinyl is on display.  Whether or not you have a special item in mind, chances are you’ll find something at the Flea.

Why they brought a flea market to Portland? As founders of the Flea-for-All, they hoped to build a community resource that will encourage creation and restoration. For there vendors, they want it to be a place where smaller businesses can benefit from the low costs and high volumes of shared space. And for their patrons, they want to create a marketplace where anyone – regardless of age, style or budget – can find something they’ll be proud to own. These ideals will always be at the heart of there transactions, as the Portland Flea-for-All is a triple bottom line business: working for people, planet, and profit.  Open Saturdays and Sundays so be sure to stop in.