What is an Antique and how to spot the right item

SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 - by SwapMadness.com
What is an antique is a question i get asked regularly.  And one of the best ways to find out the quality of an antique is by having an antique appraisal done.  The story behind an antique and the quality goes back to the antique archaeology and the history of the item.  Ask questions when your at a flea market near you.  Ask them were they picked up the antique.  Some of the top locations for antique information is alameda antique fair, antique archaeology nashville, antique archaeology iowa, antique alley and other local antique shops near you.  Antiques can range from antique appliances, antique autos, antique acres, antique firearms, antique jewelry etc.  All i suggest is at the market owner questions and if your second guessing the quality get it verified at a local appraiser. 

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