2016 SwapMadness.com Updates

JUNE 30, 2016 - by Swapmadness.com
Now that Swapmadness.com has been open for a few years we are doing some house cleaning.  Swapmadness would love to have as much help as possible.  We wanted to update every visitor and make sure everyone is aware we love the feedback.  Swapmadness wants to know if a swap meet or flea market is closing or opening in your area.  Swapmadness.com designed a contact us tab so you can send us emails on anything you would like updated.   The link to that is SwapMadness.com/Contact   

you may also submit a swap meet by clicking this link and updating us on all the information you have- Swapmadness.com/AddSwapMeet

Also we wanted everyone to know Swapmadness.com is always trying to update new flea markets and swap meets manually.  We search weekly areas like craigslist.com  , googlesearch.com , yahoo.com , bing.com  we wanna provide the most up to date information for our visitors.  

Thanks again for all your help and good luck finding the treasures. 




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