Flea Market's Near Me

JULY 12, 2016 - by Swapmadness.com
How to find a flea market near me or swap meet near me that is good quality?

This is the question i get asked the most.  So i thought i would share how i do some recon before i leave my house.

1. I review there website or blog.  The good markets have updated picture, posts and feedback.  

2. I google map the location to see the area and what is around.  I have gone to flea markets in the past that have closed down and that can waste a lot of time.  

3. Social Media, i check Facebook and see if any of my friends are following there page or have gone to the flea market or swap meet.  If i find friends that know about the market i always ask them how it went.

These are some tips on finding a good local flea market or swap meet near me.  Sometimes i have done these 3 things and still the market has been bad quality.  So the best resource is just set aside the few hours to check out a few flea markets until you find one you like.  I don't mind spending a day doing that in my area.  Once i find a good market i always try to write reviews to help the market community.  

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