Swap Meets and Flea Markets in alaska

Family Flea Market is located in Anchorage Alaska 

Family flea market is one of the biggest flea markets in Alaska.  It is also website based, so you can look at items and view whats for sale.  You also can list items you want to sell.  The store has lots of items where they sell Furniture, Collectibles and Household Decors, appliances, Toyota's, Subaru's, ATV's, Vehicle Tires, Wheels and Performance for Street and Off Road. All of this in one cozy place.   They Sell and Consign Furniture, Collectibles,Decor, and Lighting in one Cozy Little Store. So make sure to go in and visit.  Alaska doesn't have a substantial amount of flea markets or swap meets but everything that happens in Alaska goes threw family flea market. 

Visit Family Flea Market for further details.