Author, Manny Luftglass, releases new book 'The Flea Market Book, For Vendors and Shoppers'

JANUARY 29, 2015 - by Hunterdon County Democrat

Noted Hunterdon County author and publisher, Manny Luftglass, has just published his 24th book, titled “The Flea Market Book, For Vendors and Shoppers.”

Twenty-five of the largest nearly year-round markets located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are written about in this book, what Luftglass considers to be the first of a series. He expects to follow this with a book about the largest markets in New York State, and then about the ones in New England and then about the markets located in Florida.

Some of the details provided for these markets include their name, town located in, address, telephone number, hours open, A. T. M, vendor charges, etc.

The book gives key tips to shoppers regarding how to obtain the best bargains as well as what to wear, what to bring with them, etc. On the other hand, vendors are supplied with lots of information on how to display their merchandise, how to price it, where to buy merchandise for sale at huge discount, what is legal to sell and lots of other key details.

For more information, contact Manny Luftglass at, or call him at 908-996-2145. Autographed copies can be purchased for $9.99 (+ tax for N. J. residents) by sending a check to Manny Luftglass, Box 556, Annandale, NJ 08801.

There won’t be any charge for shipping. Retailers can obtain more than three books at $5.99 a copy by ordering them by regular or email.

The book will be available at a variety of independent bookstores as well as through Books-A-Million stores,, and probably through Barnes & Noble.

Luftglass has written his column, “Gone Fishin,’” every two weeks, for the Hunterdon County Democrat since 1992.

The publisher is Gone Fishin’ Enterprises and the books ISBN #’s are: 9780986043413; 0986043419. 

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