What Items Do You Like?

APRIL 17, 2013 - by Swapmadness.com

What items do you like to find at meet or markets?

This is a subject a lot of people don't know how to answer.  Some of the top items that get looked at are jewelry, art, name brand clothing and auto parts.  But for me, the swap meets and flea markets I attend, I am looking for that "wow" item.  Something that is different, looks old, rustic, and even tears.  When I see items that are beat up, I'm gravitated to them.  The reason is that some of the most unexpected items hold the highest value.  The value could be monetary worth, historic value, or emotional value.  I have had people ask me "Why do you like attending the meets?", and for me it has been the historic value.  I have learned some of the best knowledge on historic items and their background just from going to a flea market.  Everyone is different, but I always suggest asking questions and digging to find out were the items come from.  Even if you're just stopping at a flea market to buy a name brand item.  Ask where it was made, do research, and know were the authentic items are made.  Then you know you're getting something that is authentic and has value.  




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