Want to have a swap meet?

APRIL 9, 2013 - by Swap Madness

Swap meets are more than just large-scale, multi-family yard sales or flea markets.  What better way to implement the three R's -Reduce your carbon footprint by Recycling and Reusing your stuff.

Despite the name, most swap meets are not just exchanges of goods - usually money changes hands. 

Simple Steps to Launch Your Swap Meet

1. Set the date and time

You can make your swap meet a one-time occasion. Or, even better, you can turn it into a regularly scheduled event.

2. Pick a spot

The best places to look into are school playgrounds or gyms (in case it rains), large parking lots, and local parks. 

3. Recruit vendors and volunteers

You're going to need merchandise to sell, volunteers to help you organize it all - and buyers. We're going to help you through each stage.

4. Get Publicity to find Buyers - Here Are the Tools You'll Need

Ultimately, the success of your swap meet depends on how well you get the word out.   Newspaper, Flyers and Social Sites.

Have fun! Celebrate with your volunteers afterwards.

 You did it! 



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