Upcoming Pottery and Stoneware Swap Meet

APRIL 10, 2013 - by Swapmadness.com

Monmouth Illinois has a historic tradition designing quality stoneware and pottery. And on June 22, 2013 they will hold their annual Pottery on the Square Swap Meet so you can view and have a chance to obtain some of the best stoneware in the world.  The swap meet will be held from 8am until 12pm.  The event will be downtown on Monmouth’s Public Square.  This day will be filled with fun activities such as pottery and stoneware swap meet, pottery demonstration, and displays of rare and popular pottery pieces.  The day of the swap will start with a pottery appraisal clinic at 8:30am.  Where pottery appraisers with knowledge and pottery collector experience will view each piece of Illinois pottery brought to the swap by the public.  Some of the rarest items have been seen at the appraiser’s booth and this year will be no exception.   Make sure you arrive early so you can view each item as well give them time to review yours.   Besides a day felt with pottery Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce will be offering an opportunity to buy a handcrafted, limited edition, Bristol mini butter churn which will include handles and a two men in a crock logo.  This item will be a companion to last year’s crock with the two men in a crock logo.  Also the butter churn stands roughly 4.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter and made by the Maple City Pottery.  You may place your order for the Monmouth Pottery Company butter churn and they will become available the June 22.  If you would like to place an order it must be turned in by May 31, 2013 and there going for $30.00.   Also they can be shipped but shipping charges will vary based on quantity ordered.  A little history on the Monmouth Pottery Company it was formed on February 1, 1893.  The Monmouth Pottery Company was founded by William Hanna and associates who made use of the vast deposits of stoneware clays in the area.  Monmouth was known as plant #1 and occasionally you may see the western stoneware marked with a number indicating which plant it was produced at.  The Monmouth Pottery company is located in the upper northern corner of Illinois. Monmouth pottery is well known for their variety of salt glazed utilitarian wares which is excellent in quality and durability.   It has manufactured every kind of stoneware and even came out of a few plant fires.  Monmouth Pottery Company has used its name on all types of products in multiple different fonts and designs to create a delightful and enticing look for everyone to enjoy.  When the pottery company Monmouth Pottery sold on Nov 29, 1905.   Monmouth Pottery Company then merged with 6 other pottery companies to form Western Stoneware.  Since then it has been one of the most popular stoneware to date.  With people all over the world looking for Western Stoneware and there constantly changing designs.  So come on down and view the beautiful pottery work and find that one item you have been looking for.

Contact them with any further questions directly at 1-309-734-3181 or

Visit http://www.monmouthilchamber.com/



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